Author: Yemisi Wada

Bid that married man ‘Goodbye’

My beautiful Aunty Ranti and I were catching up over some red wine at a party the other day and a very married uncle we had seen leaving the party earlier with his wife, reentered and now sat down next to a young lady at a table opposite ours. The lady started gyrating to the music in a fashion Uncle’s wife could never dream of trying. Without saying a word, Aunty Ranti and I exchanged a look and shook our heads. Later that week,  one of the popular blogs had a story on the same girl about her glitzy...

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Marriage? If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t

Writer’s bloc is a reality especially when you’re constantly writing on particular issues. In this case I try to write to mostly women about relationships using experiences I have gathered over the years personally and from others. However it could get monotonous if there’s no dialogue. I asked in an instagram post for ideas on what to write about next and one of the ladies wrote ‘A lot of girls are scared of marriage or the idea of going into one because of the high increase in domestic violence. Could you kindly write something encouraging to assure them all...

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Ogechi was one of the first people to make an impression on me my first weeks at University. She wasn’t necessarily very pretty but she was so cool, very stylish, so confident and so chic, you could describe her as beautiful. I watched how she did everything with awe. Coming from such a sheltered place, seeing another young lady who was so independent and confident was a thrill. She didn’t just walk. She swayed. It was almost as though she had a soulful tune in her head and she swayed to that tune as she walked.  Her short dresses...

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Memory Lane? O.Y.O is your name!

Yesterday I went to visit some friends outside London to touch base after many years of not being together.  My friend Derin’s marriage had collapsed several years ago. She moved here to the UK with her children and she is still single. Her ex, however has completely abandoned his responsibilities towards the children. She is working all the hours available to give their daughters a good life. Needless to say she has very little time for herself.   Her ex however has moved on with a younger model and has even set her up with a small dry cleaning business...

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It’s been very interesting reading the letters I have received since starting this Blog. I get so excited every time the light comes on showing there’s a new one. Despite being a little busy, had the little matter of planning the Traditional wedding of my eldest daughter at the weekend, I still knew I had to write this week’s blog piece. I got many letters all centered around the same things really. Unfaithful, ungracious, uncaring husbands. In some cases stingy too. All of them remind me of a ‘Womack and Womack’ song I had playing in my head for...

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Book of the Month

Book of the Month

This is my book of the month. This book has now been adapted into a movie, which I can’t wait to watch to see if it matches the wonder the book is.

This is a story basically of a girl who you find out things in her life just took a wrong turn and just because of the desperation to have a child.