Author: Yemisi Wada

‘Oh Yes Fool, I’m talking to you

I was shocked when I read things like ‘Nigerian women are the most unfaithful women in the World’ and I think, where are they pulling these ridiculous statistics? We? Long suffering, religious, tight lipped types! How? Then shock of shockers was when my friend from the American Embassy confirmed to me the rumour that for Nigeria alone, for the Visa Lottery procedure, once a couple come in and the father believes all the children are his then they don’t disabuse their minds after DNA shows clearly they are not! They say they are offering a chance at a better...

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How I fell in love with myself.

Aged 11, after a year at a boarding school from hell in Lagos where I was miserable and unsettled, I developed a condition known as ‘Trichotillomania’….A condition where a person feels compelled to pull out their hair. It is an impulse control disorder and a person is unable to stop him self or her self. Pulling out hair on the head so bad it leaves bald patches. This disorder of course makes most sufferers feel unattractive and leads to low self-esteem. Its most common cause is stress or anxiety and also seen as a form of self-harm. It is...

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Book of the Month

Book of the Month

This is my book of the month. This book has now been adapted into a movie, which I can’t wait to watch to see if it matches the wonder the book is.

This is a story basically of a girl who you find out things in her life just took a wrong turn and just because of the desperation to have a child.