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I don’t know Tiwa Savage personally and I would not really say I was a fan of hers for that matter. I get easily star struck much to the embarrassment of my children who have come to accept it can’t be helped. I first saw Tiwa a few years ago as I was leaving an office at the Secretariat in Alausa, she walked in, I guess she’ll say unassuming with a few people with her. No smiles and no frills. To my surprise the staff at the office didn’t look impressed either and then the Secretary even asked her...

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The smart woman’s guide to ‘the other woman’

So Valentine’s day has just come and gone and Lagos as usual has been buzzing with the dizzying euphoria of activities and sales for this one day. It amazes me the amount of successful marketing done for this one day considering our attitude to love, commitment and fidelity generally. This one day we sheath swords and spears and celebrate Valentine’s day. Restaurants are all booked with couples busy on their phones and not talking, the traffic on the Island is crazy, florists and confectionery stores are sold out what with having many deliveries often for one same client. A...

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Would I marry me?

Would I Marry me? As I heard my friend Derin spit out venom as her daughter told her her boyfriend of 2 years, had come back that he could not marry her because his mother says there are signs of mental health issues in her family, I sat and I wondered. I felt for Derin because she was not disputing the claim as I thought she would be, nor did her concern seem to be whether the boy ever loved her daughter at all to be swayed at the first sign of defect observed, nor did I sense a fear of how many more boyfriends this issue will chase away and I think most important of all her heartbroken daughter. It was HER ego that was at stake. How dare that ‘wannabe’, whom they only stooped down to receive into their home because their daughter was getting on in age, reject them?!!! Could I imagine the insult she fumed…. It got me thinking,  would she rather he married her beautiful daughter and then deal with her according after? as the ‘small’ issue of the mental health issues would still be there. Or marry her and then if the issue, which is hereditary, rears its head later then  it will then be their headache? No longer hers? In the old days, before a couple could marry each other after the...

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The Versions of us Part 2

PROLOGUE Also at the Ceremonies was Remi’s best man, Chuba Mordi. Chuba was still in America and had flown in 2 days before the Engagement Ceremony. He had not seen Remi in 2 years since he left the States for Nigeria. He just knew Remi was living the life in Lagos and could not wait to have some fun as well. Chuba was a meterosexual male and he as usual made sure he was on point for the wedding. Nails clean, hair cut, right diamond cut in his left lobe… he knew he looked good. The first person to...

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The Versions of Things.

Remi and Adetutu had been dating for 5 years before Shewa met Remi. In fact Shewa attended their Engagement and Wedding ceremonies with her friends and the smirk on her face during both ceremonies like the cat who got the milk was very fixed as it was from her bed Remi crawled out both mornings before the ceremonies. She was consoled by the fact that Remi told her that had he met her sooner, he would most definitely have left Adetutu for her, but as it is all the families are now involved it was difficult and he had...

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Book of the Month

Book of the Month

This is my book of the month. This book has now been adapted into a movie, which I can’t wait to watch to see if it matches the wonder the book is.

This is a story basically of a girl who you find out things in her life just took a wrong turn and just because of the desperation to have a child.

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