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The Versions of us Part 2

PROLOGUE Also at the Ceremonies was Remi’s best man, Chuba Mordi. Chuba was still in America and had flown in 2 days before the Engagement Ceremony. He had not seen Remi in 2 years since he left the States for Nigeria. He just knew Remi was living the life in Lagos and could not wait to have some fun as well. Chuba was a meterosexual male and he as usual made sure he was on point for the wedding. Nails clean, hair cut, right diamond cut in his left lobe… he knew he looked good. The first person to...

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The Versions of Things.

Remi and Adetutu had been dating for 5 years before Shewa met Remi. In fact Shewa attended their Engagement and Wedding ceremonies with her friends and the smirk on her face during both ceremonies like the cat who got the milk was very fixed as it was from her bed Remi crawled out both mornings before the ceremonies. She was consoled by the fact that Remi told her that had he met her sooner, he would most definitely have left Adetutu for her, but as it is all the families are now involved it was difficult and he had...

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WHY ARE OUR MARRIAGES CRUMBLING? One of the highlights for me travelling to London is Church service on Sundays. I love me my St James Church. There’s just something about that Church. There’s no happy clappy Praise Worship sessions or Praying in tongues, binding and loosing and all the theatricals that make for my usual Church Service in Nigeria, but the Anointing is something else.. Very real and strong. This last Sunday, the elderly couple in front of me was Nigerian. Quite old. I’d say they were octogenarians. What struck me about the old couple was that they were...

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Book of the Month

Book of the Month

This is my book of the month. This book has now been adapted into a movie, which I can’t wait to watch to see if it matches the wonder the book is.

This is a story basically of a girl who you find out things in her life just took a wrong turn and just because of the desperation to have a child.