This is my book of the month. This book has now been adapted into a movie, which I can’t wait to watch to see if it matches the wonder the book is.

This is a story basically of a girl who you find out things in her life just took a wrong turn and just because of the desperation to have a child.

She ends up lying that she had a job after she lost hers and would take the train out everyday like she was going to work and in the process saw what she now reported but it got her into trouble after trouble.

It is written in a way that made me humble after reading it because it is one of those situations that could happen to anyone.

It taught me the importance of Prayer and how as women we need to stop letting our reason for existing be because of the men in our lives.

It also shows that when a relationship ends or it is not working, search yourself. If you gave it all you could out of love, move on. Don’t stay on or obsessed because with a b it of patience you will see that person cannot change. Invest the energy in looking for or making yourself available for your own. The one that is for keeps. I won’t write more so I do not tamper with the intrigue!!!

Grab a copy, read and enjoy.