As the Christmas approaches I’m very excited. I start to make plans. I can’t wait for the children to start coming home. ‘Which of my children finish early?’ I wonder. I excitedly call my ‘guys’ at the Airport. Putting them on notice that my treasures are coming home. I’m not scarce at the Airport, as the Yorubas would say. Changing dates and just hanging around Airline staff like they could bring my children quicker than planned.

I smile to myself at the thought of how grown they must be and how my mother would be so excited to see them. I’m so excited to see them.

I must add that I tend to be flush around that period too as I want to be able to splurge on said children when they come home. Let them have whatever they want.

The house is stacked with food. We have a birthday on Christmas Eve, and we continue by putting up more of a spread for Family dinner on Christmas Day. We’re okay for all the nieces and nephews to sleepover on Christmas eve after the sleepover of the friends for the birthday party the night before Christmas Eve. My excitement gets my adrenaline going.

With all the parties and merriment of the Xmas period also going on. There are at least 3 functions on some days if one is up to it.


Then said children come and Day 1. ‘Mum, is there a driver? We need to go to the Boat Club. We’re off to the beach.

Me: Beach ke? No o. can’t you do something on land?

Children: Why? Folu is having a beach party.

Me: Please be careful o. Promise me you won’t go into the water. Those waves. Please I bind those end of the year thirsty demons…..

And for that day till they get back home my peace is gone!

Day 2

Children: Mum is there a driver? There’s a Concert tonight. Some American band is in town.

Me: What time? Concert ke? When will you get there? When will you get home?

Who will watch you there? When would it end?

Children: We don’t know, cos we’ll probably go clubbing to the after party after

Me: Ha!

Then I loose more of that peace again

Day 3

Me: Lets get to the Spa

Children: Thing is mum we need to have breakfast and shower and

Me: But it’s after 3 in the afternoon! When will you be ready? Won’t they be closed?

Children: You know what? We’ll meet you there. We’ll drive

Me: Ha! Drive yourself? Kidnappers are all over the place! These end of year blood thirsty demons come up with all sorts

Children: Gosh mum! It’s 4 doors away!

And again I don’t breath properly till the door of the Spa opens and my treasures come in

And so on, and so forth the whole holiday. Then going into the New Year everyone is making plans for that day, New Year’s Eve! Invitations pour in for dinner then partying into the New Year.

Children: So mum, which one are we going to?

Me: Ha! Me I’m praying into the New Year o! We can join them after! Lets thank God the bloodthirsty end of year demons tried but didn’t get us….

Year in year out the routine is same.

Last year thus, I reviewed my stressed up state of mind and asked myself a question. Why do you live in so much fear you almost don’t live in peace and you say you’re a child of Faith?

How do you practice that Faith?

And praying into that New Year I decided that would be my New Year’s Resolution. To practice my Faith and walk in it.

Christmas approaches again and the routine starts, I spent the better part dodging and diving those blood thirsty end of year demons so much, I talked to myself! ‘Mo ba ara mi so oro’.

So for my sins I’m not making another one till I honour the last one I made! I’m practising what I preach more. I’m learning to walk in Faith! So of course New Year’s Eve I was complete with hubby and children at the Boat Club’s very nice New Year’s Eve dinner and I danced into what I pray is a wonderful safe 2017 for us all!

Happy New Year